Dr. Martin Bidartondo

Reader in Molecular Ecology

Research Focus

Mycorrhizal fungi

Scientific Activities

Martin works on the ecology and evolution of mycorrhizas, one of the dominant symbioses of terrestrial ecosystems. The systems that he has studied include arbuscular, ectomycorrhizal, monotropoid and orchid mycorrhizas, and mycorrhiza-like associations of bryophytes.

Significant Publications

Field KJ, Pressel S, Duckett JG, Rimington WR and Bidartondo MI. 2015. Symbiotic options for the conquest of land. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 30, 477-486.

Suz LM, Barsoum N, Benham S, Cheffings C, Cox F, Hackett L, Jones AG, Mueller GM, Orme D, Seidling W, Van der Linde S and Bidartondo MI. 2015. Monitoring ectomycorrhizal fungi at large scales for science, forest management, fungal conservation and environmental policy. Annals of Forest Science 72, 877-885.


Contact information

Royal Botanic Gardens

Email: m.bidartondo@imperial.ac.uk