Dr. Angel Medina-Vaya PhD MRSB

Lecturer in Food Mycology, AgriFood MSc Programme Director, MSc Food Chain Systems Course Director

Research Focus

Dr. Medina has focused his research interests on the impact that environmental stress has on the functioning of fungi (mainly mycotoxigenic species), the mechanisms used for ecophysiological tolerance, and the molecular basis of secondary metabolite production, especially mycotoxins. He has been developing research on ecophysiology, molecular ecology and modelling of mycotoxigenic fungi growth and toxin production for more than 15 years.

Scientific Activities

Current key research/interest areas are:

  • Ecophysiology of mycotoxigenic fungi, with special attention to the effects that Climate Change may have on important crops.
  • Identification of fungal biomarkers for early detection of disease in soft fruits.
  • Development of Decission Support Systems to improve the storage of key cereals and avoid spoilage and occurrence of mycotoxins.
  • Discovery of new bioactive compounds exhibiting antifungal activity.
  • Development of rapid and sensitive techniques for mycotoxins analysis from culture media and food.
  • Development of high throughput techniques for studying the ecophysiology and toxin production of fungi during different developmental stages.

He is currently Programme Director for the Agrifood MSc suite of courses and is Course Director for the MSc Food Chain Systems. He mainly lectures on the MSc in Food Chain Systems although also collaborates in other MSc courses at the University. Other tasks include: supervision of PhD, MSc and Erasmus student projects.

Significant Publications

Magan, N., Medina, A., Aldred, D. 2011. Possible climate-change effects on mycotoxin contamination of food crops pre- and postharvest. Plant Pathology 60, 150-163.

Medina, A., Lambert, R.J.W., Magan, N. 2012. Rapid throughput analysis of filamentous fungal growth using turbidimetric measurements with the Bioscreen C: a tool for screening anti-fungal compounds. Fungal Biology 116, 161-169.

Medina Á., Rodríguez A., Magan N. 2015. Climate change and mycotoxigenic fungi: impacts on mycotoxin production, Current Opinion in Food Science 5, 99-104


Contact information

Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute
Vincent Building (52a), Cranfield University
MK43 0AL

Email: a.medinavaya@cranfield.ac.uk