Prof. Lynne Boddy

Professor of Mycology

Research Focus

Prof. Lynne Body is a decomposition ecologist / fungal ecologist, working on the ecology of wood decomposition, including wood decomposition processes, synecology and autecology.

Scientific Activities

Much of Prof. Boddy her work is on understanding fungal community structure and dynamics in wood, especially the outcome of interspecific fungal interactions. A deeper understanding of interactions and their effects is now coming from studying gene expression during interspecific interactions in near natural conditions, and production of volatile and diffusible organic compounds during mycelial interactions.

She also research the network architecture of mycelia growing in soil, mycelial foraging ecology, the key roles of cord-forming basidiomycetes in nutrient translocation and wood decay in forest ecosystems, and the effects of invertebrate grazing on fungal foraging, communities and nutrient release. In a multi-partner consortium across Europe, she and colleagues investigate phenological trends in fungal fruiting in relation to climate and other changes.

Significant Publications

Rayner, A. D. M. & Boddy, L. (1988). Fungal Decomposition of Wood: Its Biology and Ecology. John Wiley International.

Boddy L & Coleman M (eds) (2010) From Another Kingdom: the Amazing World of Fungi. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Watkinson, SC., Boddy, L., Money, NP. (2015) The Fungi. Academic Press, Amsterdam, New York.


Contact information

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