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31 | 08 | 18

Prof Nick Read's ‘Fellow Medal’ award from the International Mycological Association (IMA)

Professor Nick Read (University of Manchester) has been awarded a prestigious ‘Fellow Medal’ from the International Mycological Association (IMA) for “Research excellence and service to global mycology”. Read More

23 | 08 | 17

"New way to prevent a deadly fungal infection spreading to the brain."

Research led by the University of Birmingham has discovered a way to stop potentially deadly Cryptococcosis infections from 'hijacking' the body's immune system and spreading to the brain. Read More

18 | 03 | 16

Could bread mould build a better rechargeable battery?

A naturally occurring red bread mould could be the key to producing more sustainable electrochemical materials for use in rechargeable batteries, researchers at the University of Dundee have found. Read More

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