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Prof Nick Read's ‘Fellow Medal’ award from the International Mycological Association (IMA)

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Professor Nick Read (University of Manchester) has been awarded a prestigious ‘Fellow Medal’ from the International Mycological Association (IMA) for “Research excellence and service to global mycology”. The IMA represents the interests of over 30,000 mycologists worldwide. It oversees the International Mycological Congresses (IMCs), which are held every four years, and are the largest fungal biology conferences covering the whole breadth of the discipline. Nick organized IMC9 in Edinburgh in 2010, which radically re-organized the scientific programme, particularly by integrating different subjects within the discipline. This approach had a great impact on global mycology and the IMC9 programme organization has left a legacy that has been adopted by all subsequent IMCs. The Fellow Medal also recognizes the excellence and impact of his research in mycology over his career.