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05 | 02 | 19

MiSAC Competition UK 2019

Aims: to increase the understanding among teenagers of the benefits of microbial activities in agriculture Read More

12 | 09 | 18

The secret life of fungi: Ten fascinating facts

The secret life of fungi: Ten fascinating facts: BBC Science & Environment article by Helen Briggs Read More

31 | 08 | 18

Identifying Fungi Friday 31 August 2018 to Friday 07 September 2018

Whether your interest in fungi is just for fun or for more serious recording, this course aims to give participants the tools to be more confident in their identifications. Time will be spent in the field looking for the fungi that associate with a stunning range of habitats including Caledonian pine, broadleaf woodland and old grasslands; many of the fungi that grow here are rarely seen in other areas of the country. In the field with an expert, it is possible to clarify the distinguishing macro characters that can be so difficult to transfer from the guidebooks to the real world. Read More

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