Fungal Biology Research

FBR is dedicated to the promotion of fungal biology, as it is pursued at Universities and Research Institutions. Members may have research interests spanning the breadth of fungal biology, including: cell biology, biochemistry and physiology; genomics, genetics and molecular biology; pathogenesis and disease control; evolution and systematics; environment and ecology; mutualistic relationships; systems biology; biotechnology.

The FBR committee also makes nominations to BMS Council for the prestigious Berkeley Award, awarded for an outstanding original contribution to mycology.

The Main Scientific Meeting is a flagship event organised by FBR annually, with a major portion of the FBR budget dedicated to its success. The meeting attracts academic fungal biologists and leading speakers from across the world. FBR also organises joint meetings with other societies.


Researchers in FBR have the opportunity to:

  • Become part of a community of academic, industrial and other professional fungal biology researchers.
  • Participate in lively annual scientific meetings that attract leading international speakers
  • Receive the foremost fungalbiology reviews journal, quarterly
  • Receive the foremost general fungal biology journal, monthly
  • Receive the foremost fungal ecology journal, quarterly
  • Benefit from grants, conference travel grants, for PhD students, postdocs and Principal Investigators
  • Tap into extensive resources and infrastructure through the broader British Mycological Society, inclusing dedicated channels for publicity and media interfacing, fungal education resources, close ties with related societies, fungal databases.

Fungal Biology Research Committee Mission Statement 

  1. Raise the profile of Fungal Biology Research in the UK and Internationally.
  2. Promote networking across the fungal biology community.
  3. Maintain strong links and communications with other mycological Societies and the International Mycological Association (IMA)
  4. Strengthen links with UK and international funding bodies to ensure fungal research has a voice where funding and strategy decisions are being made.
  5. Organise and support conferences, meetings and workshops for the international mycological community.
  6. Engage and inspire future generations of fungal biologists.


A number of grants are available from the Society.

Fungal Biology Research Committee

The members of the current Committee are on the Society pages

Further information

If you would like further information about the activities of Fungal Biology Research please contact

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