03 | 06 | 17

The Rhynie Chert – our earliest terrestrial ecosystem revisited

Posted by: katalysis

New discoveries in the fields of developmental and functional biology are shedding light on the origins of land plants. We explore how exceptional fossils from our earliest preserved terrestrial ecosystem – the 400 million year old Rhynie Chert – can be integrated into a neobiological understanding of the evolution of plants and their interactions with other organisms and their environment 

These meetings aim to provide a platform for leaders within their field, in addition to early career scientists, to meet for networking and discussion.

More information, including the current programme and speakers, can be found on the meetings webpage; https://royalsociety.org/science-events-and-lectures/2017/03/rhynie-chert/. Abstracts will also be available on this site from next week.

Registration for this two day meeting is free, although delegates are required to register in advance via the event website. For delegate queries, please contact: discussion.meeting@royalsociety.org