Assiut University Mycological Centre (AUMC)
Organizes the 19th Workshop on:

”Fungi and their enzymatic role in the biodegradation of natural and Synthetic

March, 13 – 17, 2016

Under the Auspices of Prof. Ahmed A. Geies (President of Assiut University)

Assiut University, Assiut-71526,Egypt

The workshop will comprise lectures and practical sessions covering the following topics:

First: Natural Polymers:

a– Types: Cellulose – Hemicellulose – Lignin – chitin Starch – Pectin – Protein (Keratin).

b- Chemical composition, degradation enzymes and deg-radation pathways.

Second: Synthetic Polymers:

a- Types and chemical composition:Polyethylene – Polyvinyl alcohol – Polyester – Starch/ Polyvinyl alcohol (Blend)- Starch/ Polyester (Blend).

b- Environmental problems:Accumulation because of their resistance to biodegra-dation so that they become a global problem.

c- Factors enhancing their biodegradability:

1. Abiotic oxidation by exposing them to heat or sun-light.
2. Production of biodegradable blends by mixing them with ferric, manganese or cobalt stearates.
3. Production of starch / polymer blend.

d- Measure of degree of biodegradability:

1. Use of scanning and transmission electron micro-scopes.
2. Determination of dry weight.
3. Use of Fourier Transforms – Infra Red Spectrosco-py (FT-IR).
4. Changes in the mechanical properties (Tensile strength).

e- Role of Fungi and their enzymes in biodegradation of natural and synthetic polymers:

Third: Practical Studies on Fungi involved in Bio-degradability:

1. Morphological and microscopial features of certain species of the following genera:
Aspergillus, Penicillium, Paecilomyces, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Chaetomium, Geotrichum, Aureobasidium, Thielavia, Candida, Pleurotus, etc.,

2. Detection of enzymes involved in biodegradation and quantitative estimation of their activities.

Workshop fees:

1– 500 LE for participants from Assiut University (including publications).

2– 1200 LE for participants from other Egyptian Uni-versities and Research Centres (including accommodation and publications).

3– 600 US $ for participants from other countries (including accommodation and publications).

Contact: Prof. Abdel-Aal H. Moubasher

Tel & Fax No.: 002 088 2080153


Mobile: 002 01223598670

Applications and Cheques to be sent to:

Professor A. H. Moubasher
Director of the AUMC

Deadline for sending applications is March, 1, 2016

”Fungi and their enzymatic role in the biodegradation of natural and Synthetic polymers.”