CESC Image.jpgOn behalf of the organizing team I am pleased to announce the next CESC Summer Course (www.cesc.hu). The course addresses both the fundamental principles and techniques of molecular biology, genetics, genomics and diagnostics of pathogenic fungal species. Students gain an in-depth knowledge of pathogenic mechanisms, molecular genetics, and the biochemistry of important virulence factors. Training will be provided by internationally renowned researchers:

5th CESC speakers:

Al Brown, Aberdeen, UK 

Christophe d’Enfert, Paris, France 

Toni Gabaldon, Barcelona, Spain 

Uwe Gross, Göttingen, Germany 

Olga Hruskova Heidingfeldova, Pardubice, Czech Rep. 

Bernhard Hube, Jena, Germany 

Ilse Jacobsen, Jena, Germany 

Marcin Kolaczkowski, Wroclaw, Poland 

Karl Kuchler, Vienna, Austria 

Hector Mora Montes, Guanajuato, Mexico 

Leonardo Nimrichter, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Jessica Quintin, Paris, France 

Vladislav Raclavsky, Olomouc, Czech Rep. 

Marcio Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

Ľubomír Tomáška, Bratislava, Slovak Rep. 

Oscar Zaragoza, Madrid, Spain


2nd Rising Stars in Mycology:

Ilse Jacobsen, Jena, Germany (co-organizer)

Toni Gabaldon, Barcelona, Spain (co-organizer)

Oscar Zaragoza, Madrid, Spain (co-organizer) 

Jessica Quintin, Paris, France 

Oliver Bader, Göttingen, Germany

Marcio Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Leonardo Nimrichter, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

This will be an excellent opportunity for young researchers to meet other fungal pathogen experts. 

Applicants should send their application, a CV, and an abstract about their work via our online registration system (www.cesc.hu) by 20th of May 2016.  FEMS and special CESC fellowships are available for financial support (for more details about the application process please visit our website: www.cesc.hu)

If you have any further questions please contact us (cesc@cesc.hu, tel: +36 62544849).

Hope to see you in Szeged !


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5th CESC (Central European Summer Course) on Mycology