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BMS AGM and Annual Conference 2020 Cranfield University

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Dear Fellow Mycologists,

On behalf of the British Mycological Society Fungal Biology Research (FBR) committee it is our pleasure, as local hosts, to invite you to the BMS AGM and Annual Conference 2020, at Cranfield University from 15th to 17th of September 2020.

The FBR committee has selected the broad and we believe timely title ‘Fungi and the Environment’ as the theme. With this we aim to attract as many of you as possible to share your latest findings and research. In addition, we have encouraged the Field Mycologists to also take part in this meeting as facilities are available for parallel workshops and activities related to the “Fungi and Environment” theme.

We hope that the range of themes included by the organisers for next years annual conference is a great vehicle to engage and attract both academic and industrial participants, at all career stages (from MSc/PhD students to experienced and senior researchers) internationally. We hope this will be a great forum for exchange of new scientific ideas, presenting state-of-the-art technologies and facilitating and strengthening professional networks.

The Society has the strategy of encompassing activities in mycology in its broadest sense both nationally and internationally.

We would encourage members to circulate this information and take part in the BMS Annual Conference. We look forward to welcoming you to Cranfield University for the BMS Annual Conference 2020, and the AGM.

With best wishes,

Dr. Angel Medina and Prof. Naresh Magan

Local organisers

Summary Programme:

Session 1:Fungi in the built environment

  • Indoor fungi
  • Fungi in extreme man-made environments
  • Allergenic fungi

Session 2:Fungi in the human environment

  • Pathogenic fungi
  • Drug resistance
  • Diagnostics/early detection

​Session 3:Fungi in the industrial/technological environment

  • Enzyme production
  • Bioremediation
  • Biocontrol
  • Use of fungi for prospecting
  • Production of industrially important compounds
  • Food mycology

Session 4:Fungi in the natural environment

  • Fungi in the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
  • Fungi in extreme environments
  • Nutrient cycling – wood decay/mycorrhizal fungi/Marine fungi
  • Fungal biomes
  • Sustainable food production

Session 5:Climate change and interactions with fungi

  • Impacts on fungal diseases/pests
  • Food Security/Food safety/Mycotoxins
  • Modelling for relative risks due to environmental change

For more information please contact: Dr Angel Medina-Vaya (a.medinavaya@cranfield.ac.uk)

Prof. N. Magan (n.magan@cranfield.ac.uk)

Further details about this event will be added to this page as they become available, so please check on a regular basis.