Venue: Kindrogan Field Studies Centre

Venue website: Kindrogan

Tutor: Bruce Ing

Dates: 4th to 11th May

Accommodation: Mostly sharing

Cost:  £321 see booking form pdf.gif

Professor Bruce Ing will be our guest mycologist and local guide for our week in Scotland. Bruce has been involved in field mycology with the BMS for over fifty years both in foray committees and organising events in the field. His specialist subject is Myxomycetes, but he has a wealth of knowledge in all fungal groups. He was the first Centre Director of Kindrogan when it opened in 1964, and he tutors a course on Ascomycetes each year at Kindrogan and our event will run directly after his 2018 course. This all means he will have current first hand knowledge of the best areas to visit. Within the UK Scotland has a unique mycological flora having many species not found in England or Wales, and a higher than average rainfall often making conditions preferable to fungi.
In ancient times Kindrogan Estate was the property of the Robertson and Reid Families and parts of the main house date back to the medieval period including the spiral staircase which once would have been part of this fortified manor house. The Field Studies Council began operating at Kindrogan in 2002 and were gifted the centre in 2010

2018 Spring study week