2018 AGM and Autumn Meeting

17 Nov 2018, 10:30 – 16:30

       Fungi in a Changing World


Saturday 17 November 2018 – Lady Lisa Sainsbury Lecture Theatre,

Jodrell Laboratory, Jodrell Gate, Kew Road, Kew Gardens, TW9 3DS.


Come to hear about the latest research.


10:00-10:30:  Coffee & Tea.


10:30-11:00:  Prof. Peter Kennedy - U. of Minnesota.

                      Ecologist working on fungal diversity and functions.


11:00-11:30:  Dr. Carrie Andrew - Swiss Federal Research Institute & U. of Oslo

                      Ecologist investigating changes in fruiting phenology.


11:30-12:00:  Prof. Pieter van West - U. of Aberdeen - Presidential Address

                      Molecular biologist investigating oomycetes.


12:00-12:30  British Mycological Society AGM (Annual General Meeting)

12:00-14:00:  Lunch break.


14:00-14:30:  Prof. Sarah Gurr - U. of Exeter

                      Plant pathologist working on food security.


14:30-15:00:  Prof. Mark Fricker - U. of Oxford

                      Specialist in imaging fungal signalling and transport.


15:00-15:30:  Dr. Ellen Larsson - U. of Gothenburg

                      Specialist on threatened woodwaxes (Hygrophorus).


15:30-16:00:  Dr. Martin Vohník - Czech Academy of Sciences

                       Specialist on symbiotic fungi of heathers and seagrasses.


16:00-16:30:  Open Discussion.