What can fungi do for us?

Here are some fungal products

Photo by ama

Fungi are used to make bread, cheese, wine, beer, soy sauce and marmite. Quorn is a fungus used instead of meat to make vegetarian dishes.

Fungi help to make coffee and to put the flavour in chocolate!  They even help to put the bubbles in lemonade!

Rootgrow is a type of fungus that helps plants to grow.

Here you can see Oyster mushrooms growing on a straw bale. This is how they are grown before they are packaged and sold to supermarkets. Below is a close up of the Oyster mushroom fruit body. Can you see the gills?

Photos by ama


Some fungus fruit bodies are food for other living things including deer, squirrels, slugs and snails!

Photo by ama

This hungry slug is enjoying a mushroom supper!