Sorby Fungus Group

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Recorder: Ziggy Senkans


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The Sorby Fungus Group is a sub-group of the Sheffield-based Sorby Natural History Society and operates under its constitution and rules.

Their recording area is principally South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, but the official Sorby recording area extends into parts of W. Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and Staffordshire.

In recent years the Group has increasingly run forays jointly with other groups, both within Sorby (e.g. Botany) and other organisations (e.g. Friends of..groups, National Trust, Wildlife Trust.)


THE SORBY RECORD - Published by the Sorby Natural History Society Sheffield

Laboulbeniales (Ascomycota), an order of ‘mobile’ fungi. pdf.gif

New VC records and new British host beetle species. Alan S. Lazenby