Have you seen this fungus?

14 Jan 2016 Submissions now closed: 

The BMS gives a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project. A report on the findings will be placed on the website in due course. 

If you have Bruce would like to know. There is a lot that we do not know about very common fungi and everyone can help us to find out by letting us know when and where you see these fungi and what tree they are growing with. Anyone can take part in this survey as the fungi are common and easily recognised.

There is more information on the page for each fungus but we need to know which fungus you found along with the date, place name, (including grid reference and vice-county if possible), the tree species under, on or near to which the fungus is growing, including on which kind of wood it is growing. Where a fungus is growing near different tree species, list them all, using the boxes.

We also need to know your name and email address so that we can thank you for your help and also let you know the results of what we find. The details may be sent by filling in the online form for the fungus you find or by email to commonfungi@britmycolsoc.info or on paper, or as an Excel or Access file.  Records from previous years will be welcome as long as the ecological details are available.

All photos ©Stuart Skeates except Stump puffball ©Paul Hugill

You can download a file explaining the project pdf.gif