Health and Saftey Considerations

Never eat a fungus unless you are absolutely sure of its identity. Get help from an expert and IF IN DOUBT, DON’T EAT IT!

ALWAYS wash your hands after touching fungi

Some people are sensitive to fungal spores. Do not leave mature fungal fruit bodies that are producing spores in the classroom environment. Always dispose of fruit bodies after the activity; either by wrapping in newspaper and placing them in the bin or by disposing of them on a compost heap.

Appendix Vll of ‘How the Mushroom got its spots – an explainers guide to fungi - by Sue Assinder and Gordon Rutter’ gives more advice on safety and good practice for handling fungi in the field and classroom and directs you to other sources of information that might help you plan your activities. Download here or contact the BMS office for a free copy (excluding postage).

Teachers are advised to conduct a risk assessment before carrying out any of the activities listed.