Posters and booklets

Name-Trail_page01.jpgFungus Name Trail

Beautifully illustrated simple 'yes/no' key by Liz Holden and Kath Hamper in the form of a  fold-out chart. Designed as an introduction to dichotomous keys. Enables the identification of 30 commonly found fungi. Equally suited to working with 10 -14 year olds in a teaching situation or with families looking at fungi just for fun. Jointly published by the British Mycological Society and the Field Studies Council.

 Price: £4.50 including postage

Mushroom_spots_cover.JPGHow the Mushroom got its Spots.

This booklet by Sue Assinder and Gordon Rutter is a 44-page resource for teaching about fungi. Intended for teachers, rangers, guiders and anyone who needs background information, activity sheets, safety information and similar support for their teaching activities. Published jointly by the British Mycological Society and BBSRC. It’s free, but we charge postage.

Price: free
Postage: £1.50


Common Fungi

This poster is illustrated with startlingly realistic water colour paintings by Peter Thwaites and is available in two sizes. Produced jointly by Fungi for Fun and the British Mycological Society (2009).

Large size 995mm X 700mm: Price £5.99 plus £3.49 postage in a protective tube*

Small size 675mm X 495mm: Price £3.99 plus £3.49 postage in a protective tube*

*For postage outside of the UK, please contact us.


Common Fungi

Most of the fungi illustrated by Peter Thwaites in the poster are featured in this folding leaflet. Size 10cm X 21cm folded 59cm X 21cm open.

Price: £1.50 including postage.