BMS Support Material

Resources Available - Fungus Models, Exhibition Stands, Literature and Equipment

The BMS has a selection of support materials available for outreach activities such as school science events, garden festivals or as visual aids at talks.

If you or your group would like to make use of this material we are happy to lend out our equipment/models/stands or supply you with literature. To request Support Material please complete the Request Form. To avoid any disappointment the further in advance you request the use of these items, the better your chance of receiving them.


We offer our Support Material free of charge to our Membership and Affiliated Groups – with the exception of a couple of leaflets/posters which are clearly priced. We also request that those parties requesting the material also cover the cost of transportation.

 Large Exhibition Stands/Backdrops pdf.gif Equipment (Basic Microscopes)  pdf.gif 
 Fungus Models (Thumbnail Images)  pdf.gif Travelling Exhibition Information pdf.gif


Downloadable PDFs' of Leaflets and 'Avery Labels' sticky badges.

Supermarket Challenge pdf.gif Thank Fungus For That! pdf.gif

Avery Label (circular)

Fungi Badges Template #1 pdf.gif

Avery Label (circular)

Fungi Badges Template #2 pdf.gif