Public Events

The BMS organises public talks, exhibitions and activites at venues such as the RHS Flower Shows, botanic gardens, museums, visitor centres, libraries, woodlands, universities and - more recently - online.


BMS Talks Online

  • Survival of the fittest: The life and struggles of Helen Gwynne-Vaughan (April 2021)

Dr Patricia Fara, Emeritus Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge, and former President of the British Society for the History of Science, delves into the life and career of fungal geneticist and former BMS President Helen Gwynne-Vaughan (1879-1967).  Dr Fara discusses Gwynne-Vaughan's successes and setbacks, set within the context of contemporary attitudes. Watch on YouTube

  • Entoloma revised: What is left of the traditional species concepts? (March 2021)

Machiel Noordeloos gives an impression of the impact of ITS barcoding on the taxonomic concepts in the genus Entoloma: shifting species concepts, surprising new insights in the value of morphological and microscopical characters, and the advantages and limitations of these new insights. Watch on YouTube

  • Killer Fungi: A Clear and Present Danger to Life on Earth (February 2021)

We share our planet with millions of different types of fungi, which perform numerous functions that make our planet habitable. However, there is a dark side to this Fungal Kingdom. In this talk, Prof Janet Quinn (University of Newcastle; BMS President) gives an overview of some of the planet’s fungal foes and how we can tackle emerging fungal infections. Watch on YouTube


UK Fungus Day

Since 2013, the Society has placed fungi well and truly ‘on the map’ by supporting the UK Fungus Day weekend of activities, encouraging our Recording Groups and other interested parties to join us in raising awareness of fungi and fungal science. Since then UK Fungus Day has grown to involve a large number of key organisations as well as the public, including the Royal Society of Biology, Universities and Research Institutes, Plantlife, the Royal Horticultural Society, National Trust, the Wildlife Trusts, Kew Gardens, NBGW, RBGE, Cambridge University Botanic Gardens and the RSPB centres.

  • More information about the 2021 event coming soon on the UK Fungus Day website.

In the meantime, take a  look at this Fascinating Fungi video produced by Prof Lynne Boddy of Cardiff University as part of Earthwatch Europe’s Wild Days project. (You may need to register on the site to access this video, but registration is free.) Enjoy! 

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