Notice of AGM

The BMS Council & Committees due for re-election at the 2018 AGM.

Those embolded are newly proposed for positions on Council and/or Committees from January 1st 2019.

BMS Council for 2019.

President: Prof Simon Avery

Vice President: Ms Carol Hobart

General Secretary: Prof Naresh Magan

Treasurer; Prof Geoff M. Gadd

Publications Officer: Dr Matthias Brock

Overseas Adviser (non-voting) Prof Anthony Whalley

BMS Committee Representatives:

·         FBR: Dr Angel Medina Vaya & ‘TBC’

·         FEO: Dr Eleanor Landy & Mr Nathan Smith

·         FMC: Dr Erik Janke & Ms Jeanette Maddy

Fungal Biology Research Committee 2019

Dr Angel Medina Vaya (Incoming Chair)

Dr Duncan Wilson (Meetings Secretary)

Prof Janet Quinn (News Officer)

Prof Pieter van West (BMS Annual Meeting Chair)

Michael Cukai (Industrial Liaison)

Matthias Brock (Publications Officer)

Martin Bidartondo (External Liaisons Officer)

Prof Neil Gow (Local Meetings Organiser)

Co-opted for 2019:

·         Dr Alireza Abdolrasouli  (Social Media)

·         Mr Norman van Rhijin (Web and Social media)

Fungal Education & Outreach Committee 2019

Dr Eleanor Landy (Chair)

Mr Nathan Smith (Secondary Schools Adviser)

Dr Martha Crockett (Public Outreach)

Ms Ann Miller (Public Outreach)

Mr Rich Wright (Public Outreach)

Dr Linda Davies (Academic Research Adviser)

Mr Ali McKernan (Primary Schools Adviser)

Co-opted for 2019:

·         Prof Lynne Boddy (Media Relations)

Field Mycology & Conservation committee.

Ms Carol Hobart (Chair and BMS Vice President)

Prof Richard Fortey

Mr Richard Shotbolt

Ms Jeannette Maddy

Dr Eric Janke

Pat O’ Reilly

Pat Cavanagh

Mr David Harries (Fungus Groups Network Co-ordinator)

Co-opted for 2019:

·         Dr Paul Kirk (Database manager)

·         Dr Stuart Skeates (webmaster)

·         Mr Peter Smith (Foray manager)