Education and Outreach Committee

The Fungal Education and Outreach (FEO) Committee has a remit to promote knowledge of fungi and fungal science to the public at all levels from junior school, through secondary school and universities, to adults including the general public and teachers. The aim is to convey an appreciation of the importance and fascinating diversity of fungi, and also inspire the next generation of fungal biologists. The committee designs and provides resources for a variety of education and outreach activities such as school lesson plans, University teaching materials, and pull-up displays for general public events.

The Committee normally holds two meetings per year in addition to regular electronic communication.

Committee Members 2018

Dr Eleanor Landy
Chair 2018/19
Mr Nathan Smith Secondary Schools Adviser 2018/20
Mr Jonathan Worton Primary Schools Adviser 2016/18
Dr Rebecca Hall
Academic Research Adviser 2016/18
Dr Martha Crockett Public Outreach 2017/19
Ms Ann Miller Public Outreach 2017/19

Co-opted for 2018

Prof Lynne Boddy
Media Relations  
Dr Ali McKernan Primary Schools Adviser  
Dr Ali Ashby Past chair  

Next meeting

Past Meetings

Meetings 2017

October 25th 2017

April 6th 2017 (Presentation of the FEO award 2017)

Meetings 2016

December 7th 2016

April 5th 2016

Meetings 2015

December 17th 2015

April 30th 2015

Meetings 2014

December 9th 2014

June 17th 2014

Meetings 2013

June 6th 2013

November 26th 2013