Fungal Control and Exploitation

 The BMS Main Scientific Meeting for 2017

Fungal Control and Exploitation
Date: 11th to 13th Sep 2017 

The 2017 main scientific meeting will be a joint venture for the BMS with the British Society for Plant Pathology (BSPP), so there will be additional interest for plant pathologists from parallel BSPP sessions, as well as several joint plenaries. The BMS sessions will focus on control of other undesirable fungi including human pathogens, as well as exploitation of fungi, for example in biotechnology. We are delighted to have assembled a first-class programme of invited speakers for the meeting, with confirmed BMS and BSPP speakers so far including:

Scott Baker (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Alex Brakhage (Jena); Al Brown (Aberdeen); Mike Bromley (Manchester); Ronald De Vries (Utrecht);
Alan Gange (Royal Holloway); Karl-Heinz Kogel (Giessen); Mark Lynas (Author and Environmentalist);
Vera Meyer (Berlin); Bruce McDonald (ETHZ Switzerland), Richard Michelmore (UC David);
Richard Oliver (Curtin); Nick Read (Manchester); Natalia Requena (Karlsruhe); Eckhard Thines (Mainz).

Please set 11-13th Sept 2017 aside in your diaries. Further updates on registration and abstract submission will follow in due course.
Also see the BSPP website:

Simon Avery, Matthias Brock, Paul Dyer  (The BMS local organising committee)


Paul Dyer

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